Barno CEO Herman Fourie looks back on 2015’s successes and forward into 2016 and finds that “respect” is still very much the heartbeat of Barno.

The economy is not growing. But we’ve been around for 60 years now. We have never worked short-time or had to retrench staff. Most employees are dependent on their wages – we can’t let a tough economy dictate the duty of care we have towards our employees.

Barno invested in the latest digital printers and cutters and can now offer a wider range of new products. We also invested in a varnish facility to improve the decoration obtained from digital printing.

Clients increasingly demand quicker lead times. So we appointed and trained additional staff. Now, we’ll be able to work well into December – our production facility for our annual break only closes on Christmas Eve this year.

There is a time to work and a time to play. There is this “bring it on, we’ll produce miracles” attitude at Barno. We still find time for fun – such as “dress up Friday” is always enjoyed by all. There’s also the traditional year-end party round about this time. This year, it was decided not to have it. Instead, staff will take hampers home so that the whole family can enjoy it.

What really worked well in 2015? Firstly, production planning was very good, we got that spot on. Then the plan to penetrate Namibia through SWACO went very well, they’re a quality company. And we also opened a branch in Australia.

Retaining our BEE Level 2 rating in 2016 is a key Barno 2016 strategy. Other important elements of our 2016 strategy includes product development, training and development and taking advantage of the weak currency. Growing Barno Australia is high on our agenda.

What makes Barno perform year after year? It’s called “respect”. We respect our clients as we would not exist without them. We respect our equipment – we may have modern digital equipment but we also have plant that is many years old. It must be looked after. We respect our suppliers and service providers, we see this as a close relationship. But mostly, we respect one another and that has resulted in a pride and care for Barno.

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  1. Gary Hendrickse

    Must agree, Barno works with suppliers as partners, a pleasure to be associated with them.

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