“… I find sumting smart for der client … like dat rare truffle … I go find it vor dem…” -Stefan Rusi

Whether in ostrich, buffalo, nappa, game skin or PU, Stefan Rusi – a third generation Swiss leather craftsman – continues to provide the consistent quality required by our corporate clients, and creativity for those looking for something a little different.
Core products include menu covers, wallets, folders, cases, cheque book covers or any accessories that you would like to see in leather. Something different? When a revered bank executive was presented with a beautifully crafted Kudu leather folder, pages filled with 20 years of memories from his staff. A pouch of sand from the Kalahari, the place of his birth, stitched delicately onto the cover. Beats a gold watch.

Try not to restrict your imagination to the tones that you would normally associate with leather. Try these. Wheat. Coral. Cognac. Texan Tan. Petrol Blue. Salmon. Let Stefan find sumting special vor you. Ja.