Barno Plastics

New products.

As a company of over 60 years old Barno never rests on its laurels and, after thorough R&D and testing, is delighted to launch 4 new and exciting products.

  1. Doming

Inexpensive but stunning

Doming is a dynamic way to advertise your logo or product on a PVC binder or place mat. The basin is a strong resin which hardens in daylight. It is an inexpensive but delightful solution to branding.

We will need high definition artwork.


  1. Perspex stand up advertising holders

Stretch your imagination

Limited only by your imagination, the product is printed digitally and bent into various shapes and sizes!


  1. Varnish on PVC products

Perfectly registered

Bring out the best in your logo or sections that you want to highlight by adding a perfectly registered varnish on top.


  1. Display mats

Dominate the counter

Display your products on any size mat. The advertising material can be digitally printed on the transparent top of the mat or a litho printed insert can be used.


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