About us

Founded over 60 years ago, Barno has not only remained relevant, but the South African leader in branded stationery and promotional items. The company differentiates itself through the manufacturing of high quality, bespoke products for top brands.

Whether the product is created by full binding or leather craftsmen or the latest in digital printing technology, clients enjoy the quality and service excellence for which Barno is renowned.

Barno is an accredited BEE company, with shareholders not only including directors and management, but also factory workers.


Herman Fourie

Managing Director

Herman, a chartered accountant, is the managing director of Barno and is passionate about growing the company and his team of “Barno-bees.” He also looks after Finance and Procurement. Apart from a passion to take Barno into the next 50 years, Herman’s other ambition is to become a salesman. We do allow him to see clients every now and then and he normally returns with an order!

John Fry

Our estimating department is run by John and he constantly balances production capacity, procurement, sales or client needs and margins to arrive at a price. John’s team pride themselves on their lead times in getting quotes out.

Quinton Meyer

Production Director

As the Production Director, Quinton manages Barno’s engine. His band of about 100 Barno-bees, many of them shareholders, constantly go the extra mile, frequently making the improbable possible. Quinton’s expertise in print is key to Barno’s promise of presenting their clients with products that bring out the best in their brands. His team understands clearly that much of Barno’s promise of quality resides with them and they accept this responsibility willingly.

Graham Klein

Sales Director

As Barno’s Sales Director, Graham makes sure that Barno’s products are enjoyed by South Africa’s top brands. He manages a diverse team of Barno representatives, the common thread being their energy and passion for the brand and products. A qualified engineer with a successful track record as Production Director (prior to Quinton’s appointment in this role), Graham has an in-depth understanding of the Barno value chain, providing the innovation and practicality required for the sales team to present “creative functionality”.

Brian Lloyd

Non Executive

Brian retired recently to pursue a career in doing whatever pleases him on the day, which is mostly travel and his rock band. He made Estimating a science and visits once a week to train, develop and provide guidance. Brian also manages our offshore channels, popping in to Australia and London en route from holidays in Alaska.

Stefan Rusi

Director – Leather

You have to meet this chap to really appreciate him; Stefan is a third generation Swiss leather craftsman. “No problem … but I find sumting smart for der client, ja … like – what you zay? – dat rare truffle … I go find it vor dem.” The creative and energetic spirit of Barno, but – make no mistake – a technician of note, hands on and watching every stitch. Often stitching himself in der process.

Craig Fortune

Director – Digital

We are delighted about our new digital department and we are able to produce quality printed items at a reasonable price. The division is under the able care of Craig Fortune who started at the bottom and worked his way up to director level in line with our philosophy that we look internally for promotions by developing and training those who subscribe to the Barno culture of superb customer care. He is proud of the fact that we can meet the high expectations of this market.

Vivienne Gouvias

Non Executive

Vivienne, a chartered accountant, play a key role in our financial reporting and compliance to all the accounting codes. She is also involved with the training and development of staff members in the accounting department.

John Fanner

Director – Gauteng

“Joburg John” or Spanner manages our Gauteng sales office and our key accounts and is a true professional with over 20 years experience in Leather and PVC. This in-depth knowledge together with a passion for the company is the reason why so many of our clients order from Barno year after year.

Risk & Governance

Barno is a private company. The Board consists of nine directors, seven of whom are executive. The two non-operational directors are Brian Lloyd and chartered accountant Vivienne Gouvias, who oversees financial and legal compliance. Herman Fourie, a qualified chartered accountant, is both the MD and Executive Chairman of Barno.

Barno is a completely transparent organisation. Staff, many of whom are shareholders, are empowered to view the financial reports of the business at any time. Director Vivienne Gouvias further supports employees with financial skills training. Board meetings are attended by trade union representatives and all major asset acquisitions are discussed with the full staff complement. An independent labour consultant attends each board meeting to advise the organisation on labour issues.

Herman Fourie Jr., Herman’s son, is also a qualified chartered accountant and advises the board on risk management and investments.